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embi OOC

embi OOC Wheat Straw Oral Care Dental Case

embi OOC Wheat Straw Oral Care Dental Case

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embi OOC designed a dental case that is best for you and best for the planet.

Having somewhere to store your tongue scraper and toothbrush helps you stay organised, clean and tidy.

It looks great in your bathroom and comes in pastel colours. Our 100% wheat straw dental case is zero plastic, which means you are doing your best for the planet.


1 x embi OOC Wheat Straw Oral Care Dental Case

Choose from mint or pink. 


  1. 100% Wheat Straw 
  2. Eco Friendly
  3. Hygienic
  4. Good for Travel 
  5. Zero Plastic

Product Warnings 

Be careful of the edges when opening and closing. 


100% Wheat Straw. 


Intended use for storage of a toothbrush and tongue scraper. 

Storage instructions

Washable but keep dry. 

Store in a hygienic area of the bathroom with oral care products.

Suitable for / indications

Adults and children under the supervision of an adult. 


Contains wheat. 

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