embi Optimal Oral Care

We redefine how you approach your oral health as part of your personal care routine. Our brand innovates and develops ZERO PLASTIC, sustainable oral care products that are BEST FOR YOU AND BEST FOR THE PLANET. We are champions of "Scrape Before You Brush®" as we believe that cleaning your tongue with a tongue scraper is the FIRST STEP towards "Optimal Oral Care". Getting rid of the bad bacteria in your mouth allows the good bacteria to do their work. Follow this path and "Boss Your Oral Biome™". That means fresh breath, healthy teeth & gums, aiding towards good gut health and overall wellness.

Best For You. Best For The Planet.

Watch Dr. Kimberly explain the features and benefits of our entire range of Oral Care Products.


Scrape Before You Brush®

Daily tongue cleaning with a quality tongue scraper is scientifically proven to remove the bacteria that causes bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease and other health issues.

"Scrape Before You Brush® for just 15 seconds a day for immediate results.

It’s that simple.

Connecting Oral Care with Nature

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