Collection: Rethink Your Oral Health With embi OOC

Optimal Oral Care does not need to be expensive, time consuming and painful. It's time to Rethink that way you do oral health. 

Practicing good dental hygiene not only prevents gum disease and tooth decay but also reduces the risk of developing other health issues. Let's face it, it's better to focus on prevention than treating sickness and it's better to be healthy and well throughout life. 

The First Step is to scrape before you brush with a non plastic, sustainable tongue scraper to remove the harmful bacteria that accumulates on the tongues surface. This helps the balance of good and bad bacteria in the mouth. It takes just 15 seconds, is painless and a fresher mouth is instant. 

The Second Step is to make a commitment to never use plastic oral care products again. Start with replacing your disposable toothbrush, toothpaste, floss picks with embi OOC products.

It's that simple! 

These steps will give you wonderful results with your oral health and general wellbeing, plus you will be doing your bit for a sustainable future.