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embi OOC

embi OOC First Step Zero Plastic Tongue Scraper

embi OOC First Step Zero Plastic Tongue Scraper

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Tongue cleaning with a quality tongue scraper is the First Step towards Optimal Oral Care. It's clinically proven to be the best method of removing the harmful bacteria that causes bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease and other health issues including poor gut health.

First Step is perfect for 1st timers to tongue cleaning and for children. Ideal for anyone looking for the most gentle clean. 

First Step is a quality disposable tongue scraper made of natural wheat straw, which is better for the environment, unlike many other harmful plastic scrapers. First Step is about starting your journey to better oral health.

Scrape Before You Brush™ for Optimal Oral Care.

Included is a SCRAPE BEFORE YOU BRUSH™ bathroom sticker. Place it somewhere in the bathroom as a reminder to scrape your tongue before you brush your teeth. It's that simple to create a new healthy habit for life! 


1 x embi OOC First Step Wheat Straw Tongue Scraper. 


  1. Eco friendly 
  2. Two month lifespan 
  3. Disposable 
  4. Gentle on tongue 
  5. Great for kids. 


100% Wheat Straw PLA.

100% compostable and biodegradable.


  1. Rinse in warm water before and after use
  2. Replace after 2 months
  3. Dispose in general waste or compost.

Storage instructions

Ideally stored in an embi Dental Case (available on this site). 

Otherwise, store in a hygienic area of the bathroom with oral care products.

Product Warnings

Used to clean waste material from the surface of the tongue only. Use gently and with caution.

Allergen may be present

Contains Wheat.


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