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On this page you can delve deep into and read what the global experts are discovering and commentating on. Mouth health has become the most important part of our general wellbeing. Why? It’s how everything our bodies need to survive on gets into us. We breathe through our mouths. We eat through our mouths. The bacteria that monitor the security for our entire bodies stand guard in our mouths.

Today the science backs how important our mouths are for oral health, gut health, mental health and general health. The $millions and years of time spent in laboratories of research is gathered here and updated as new fact come to light.

Tongue Scraping Clinical Research

Clinically proven to reduce bad breath and dental decay.

A comparative clinical trial employing a toothbrush and a tongue scraper.

Effectiveness of mechanical tongue cleaning on breath odour and tongue coating.

Impact of tongue cleaners on taste.

Tongue scraping lowers blood pressure.

Oral microbiota may have influence on oral cancer.

Effects of tongue cleaning on ayurvedic digestive power and oral health.

Do I need to clean my tongue?

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You might think you take good care of your teeth but do you really?