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embi OOC

embi OOC Complete Range Tongue Scraping Kit

embi OOC Complete Range Tongue Scraping Kit

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Go all in! 

The First Step tongue scraper is perfect for 1st timers to tongue cleaning and for children. Ideal for anyone looking for the most gentle clean.

The embi EDGE tongue scraper leads the world in dentist recommended tongue cleaners and can last you a lifetime.

The embi CU29. Probably the best pure copper tongue scraper in the world and recognised by natural healing practitioners and dentists alike as a superb oral health tool.

Our 100% wheat straw toothbrush is best for you and best for the planet. The soft charcoal bamboo bristles give your teeth and gums a good clean without causing any damage. The unique small head of the toothbrush is designed to ensure 'no nicks' making it perfect for massaging the gums and getting to hard to reach areas of the oral space.

Tired of plastic tubes of toothpaste? What about harsh ingredients that are certainly not best for you or the planet? What about other brands that make them but have no foam and feel weird in the mouth? CRUSH AND BRUSH with our foaming toothpaste tablets and you will be surprised just how well they work! 

Complete your routine with our ZERO PLASTIC floss picks. Plant based and made with PLA Corn Starch. Our unique threading is made from silk, so no nasty nylons or plastic wax stuck between your teeth. Even our packaging is 100% biodegradable.  

Store them away hygienically with the dental case. Having somewhere to store your tongue scraper and toothbrush helps you stay organised, clean and tidy.

Included is a SCRAPE BEFORE YOU BRUSH™ bathroom sticker. Place it somewhere in the bathroom as a reminder to scrape your tongue before you brush your teeth. It's that simple to create a new healthy habit for life! 


1 x First Step Tongue Scraper 

1 x Edge Tongue Scraper 

1 x CU29 Tongue Scraper 

1 x Wheat Straw Toothbrush

1 x 60 Piece Whitening Toothpaste Tablets (Mint)

1 x 30 Pack of Pure Silk Floss Picks 

1 x Wheat Straw Dental Case

Choose from Mint or Pink. 


  1. Eco Friendly
  2. Zero Plastic 
  3. Great Value 

Product Warnings

The tongue scraper is used to clean waste material from the surface of the tongue only.

The toothbrush is used to clean waste material from the surface of the teeth and gums only.

Do not swallow or ingest toothpaste in any manner.

The floss picks have a sharp tip. Use gently and with caution especially with children. 


Pure Copper.

Medical Grade Stainless Steel. 

100% Wheat Straw and Corn Starch. 

Pure Silk thread. 


For full tongue cleaning instructions please refer to the photo on the listing.

Toothbrush: Rinse in warm water before and after use. 

Dispose of toothbrush after 4-6 weeks. 

Toothpaste Tablets: 

  1. Place tablet in mouth. 
  2. Crush and Brush. 
  3. Rinse. 
  4. Use twice daily 

Floss Picks: Use silk thread thread gently between teeth to remove waste material.

Dispose of floss picks after each single use.

Storage instructions

Store in a hygienic area of the bathroom with oral care products.

Suitable for / Indications

Adults and children under supervision of an adult. 


Contains Wheat and Corn. 

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